Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keenan’s First Week in LA

Nov 12, 2012
 So this is my first P-day in the field, and I don’t have very much time to write, we have even les free time in the field it seems, we are always working. We arrived in LA and met the Mission President and our trainers for the first day. I was put with Elder Abbott who lived in a very ghetto type area. LA is WAY different than St. George. There are lots of people just walking around with a shopping cart collecting recyclables to make money. There are lots of homeless people, and tons of cars. My first day I saw a black guy get arrested. He was tackled by 4 cops, and my comp said “Look, they got one” like it was nothing. But don’t worry, I’m safe. I won’t get mugged or get shot or anything. All the gangs are Catholic and they see us as representatives of Christ.
            The one thing I noticed is how much people look at you when you are a missionary. EVERYONE is looking at you at ALL times. It’s kind of weird. Most people are nice to us. Most people, especially old women when they saw us would say “GOD Bless Y’all” in a southern Accent. I also realized how bad I am at Spanish. Everyone talks so fast I can’t tell where one word end and another begins.
            I am now in my official area which is in West Hollywood. I can see the Hollywood sign and I am on a couple of min from Paramount studios. There are a lot of rich people here. I have seen a lot of Ferraris and porches and even a Bugatti. We are in a brand new area that hasn’t had missionaries for about 6 months. We are doing what is called “white-washing” and “flushing” an area. So we don’t have any investigators, we don’t know any of the members, and neither me nor my Companion know the area at all. It is kind of difficult. Since we don’t know any of the members, we don’t have any dinner appointments so I am very hungry. We are living off Ramen.
            My companion has learned how to get people to open up their doors for us. He has memorized stuff about every Hispanic country, and when they mention what country they are from, he  mentions the stuff they know and they get excited and let us in. I had my first real “chili pepper” on Saturday. It was a really hot pepper and it brought tears to my eyes… They all laughed at me. Me no Gusta Chile De Ardol.
            The streets are very congested in LA. We went down Hollywood street last night and everyone says “there’s the Mormons” It’s kind of funny. I’m having a blast here. Love you all. Remember,
La Iglesias de Jesu Christos de los Santos de los ultimo’s Pias Es Verdadera!

Elder Schwalger

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