Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keenan's Week 1 & 2 at the MTC

Keenan's first two weeks at the MTC have been a whirlwind of motion. As soon as he arrived they had him put his bags in his rooms, and then sent him off  to Spanish class. The teacher would only speak Spanish to them so they had no choice but learn it. By the end of week one, he could pray in Spanish. He and his companion were assigned to teach an investigator that only spoke Spanish. It was challenging to teach the lesson is Spanish since the investigator didn't know any English. They keep them pretty busy going from class to class but he does get some down time on his P-day. His letter today said that he is so much learning the Spanish language that he was having a hard time writing in English. He said he has learned more Spanish in the last two weeks than he has learned the entire 3 years in high school. He is enjoying the MTC and says the spirit is very strong. He is happy he made the decision to serve the Lord.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mission Ready!

I'm Leaving for the MTC tomorrow, wish me luck and make sure you all write and email me. I know that that this is where the lord wants me to go and I am ready to go out and serve the people of L.A. See ya in 2.