Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 2013

Keenan received his first transfer of his mission two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was because two other missionaries had a fight, so they switched Keenan and the other missionary. They knew Keenan could get along with anyone. He is now in LA north and in an area that is pretty run down. He said there are lots of broken beer bottles all over and a lot of homeless also. The church building is in an old renovated catholic church. He said there are stained glass windows, and even a font for holy water etc. Pretty interesting.
Right before he got transferred he and his companion went down town Hollywood, and were over by the Chinese theater which was blocked off. People thought that it was for a movie premier, but a cop who was a member told them that it was actually a scene they were filming from the new Iron man 3 movie. He got to see a car being blown up by the theater.
He loves he people here and loves being able to speak Spanish to them. H said they are very humble people and love the Lord so much that they will buy food to feed o the missionaries, even if they don't have any food to eat. It’s been a very humbling experience for him to see this.
He had several baptism lied up before his transfer, and a couple lined up in this new area as well. 
His only complaint is that no on writes him enough, so please write him when you can. His address will never change since everything goes through the mission home.