Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week 7 at the MTC

Hello everyone,
Well, 7 weeks down and 2 more to go! I’m tired of being in the MTC, I’m ready to get out. So nothing new this week, Pretty much the same thing. It is snowing outside right now though, we get to go to the temple every P-day and so we left to go walk to the temple and it was snowing pretty hard but not sticking. It is about a 5-10 min walk from the MTC to the temple and we got covered in snow and it soaked my suit, and it was super cold out. Stupid snow.  Anyway so nothing really new, my Spanish is improving little by little. Even  though I can’t speak it I really want to be in L.A already, I feel I would learned it faster in the field since we have already covered all grammar and stuff so now we just practice. One funny story happened on Saturday. We do Role plays with our teacher and we go and teach him as a portend investigator named Diego. And on Saturday it was our teacher’s birthday and during one of our lesions with Diego, he said that it was his birthday on Saturday too. So what I and my companions did was we took a cake that was sent to elder bird, it was just a plain chocolate cake with frosting that we didn’t eat, and Elder boon had some frosting. So what we did was take the frosting and make a homemade cake decorator and funnel for the frosting and wrote "Feliz Cupleanos Diego!" which means happy birthday. We went onto our lesson and busted out a decorated cake for Diego, who really isn’t a real person, and sang happy birthday in Spanish and he was so confused on where we got a decorated cake. He couldn’t even focus the whole lesion. After we were don’t he came back to our classroom and was like" do you guys have people making cakes for you on the outside?! Where did you guys get a cake!". We also got a bunch of stuff and put it in a bag and gave it to him. It was funny. Well not much else happens. I just want to get out of here. I’ve gotten some letters from people so it hasn’t been to bad here, But I’m making the best of it. I love my companion and I love my mission.
Until next time.

Elder Keenan Schwalger

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