Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Keenan's 1st month at the MTC

Well I’m about 1 month and a half in to my mission and still in the MTC! Everything is good here, not much goes on although it gets really repetitive here same stuff everyday for 14 hours a day. We get up at 6, than go to a class room, than eat lunch, than go to a classroom, than eat dinner and then go to a classroom again. It gets kind of repetitive eventually. I Love it though, I’m really wanting to get out into the field already although I don’t really know the language good enough. My Companions are elder Bird and elder Boone. I’m in a Trio now because Elder Boone joined us. They are both Awesome Guys and I love em to death. The food here in the MTC has gotten very old and now i don’t like any of it. Thank goodness because otherwise i would not be able to keep up my weight loss. I’m pretty sure that all the food here is left over’s form BYU dining area. You can get as much as you want though but it seems to be that everyone gets sick form the food so I’m not going to take that chance by pigin out. Time has been flying by. Never thought i would say it but Saturdays are the worst day in the MTC, along with Thursdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are great considering Wednesdays are my P-Day and Tuesdays we don’t have class at night. My companion elder bird Get a package almost every day so we have a pile of plates of cookies and crud and sitting in the corner of our doom. I wish they gave you an extra hour of sleep everyday because I’m always tired. Spanish is going good. You would be surprised how fast you learn the language here, I took 3 years of Spanish is high school and literally learned more in the first 3 days than I did in those 3 years, I’ve been here about 5 weeks now, and can’t really speak it but I can understand it and speak it very slowly. Still it’s not easy I get frustrated sometimes when i cant conjugate or something like that but know more that I thought I would at this point. But everything is good. Hope you all send me stuff so that I don’t go insane. Well I got to go. Yo que se la iglesia es verdadera. Hasta luego.

Elder Schwalger

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